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Designing Your Business

Professional Practices for Interior Designers

2nd Edition

Gordon T. Kendall and Heidi Painchaud

Published: MAR 10, 2016

Designing Your Business, 2nd Edition, transforms aspiring interior designers into savvy business people as well as creative interior designers by offering strategies for working effectively with colleagues, clients, and resources. The text explores business organization, legal and ethical issues, and business finance and accounting practices common to the profession. The practical approach and engaging interactive pedagogy make it easy and interesting to learn the intricacies of the business, law, and practice.

Formats ISBN
eBook 9781501313967
Paperback 9781501313950

Fashion Brand Merchandising

Gordon T. Kendall

Published: NOV 26, 2008

Fashion Brand Merchandising introduces the concepts and practices to help students build, develop, and work with fashion brands. The book includes four parts, each exploring an important facet of fashion brands and the fashion brand process. This text covers how branding and merchandising activities are interrelated and interdependent with respect to marketing fashion-related products. In whatever capacity you engage with fashion brands—marketer, merchandiser, retailer, designer, or student—this text covers what you need to know to work successfully in the industry.
Instructors, contact your Sales Representative for access to Instructor’s Materials.

Formats ISBN
Hardback 9781563675614