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AUG 14, 2014

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The Book

Created specifically to help designers master AutoCAD, "Digital Drawing for Designers 2014" is neither overly simplistic nor excessively technical, and teaches by relating to what architects and interior designers understand best: the visual world. Beginning with the building blocks of drawing (lines, circles, and arcs), the book progresses through architectural graphic standards, enabling students to create drawings that effectively communicate their design ideas. Advanced features such as annotative dimensions, annotative blocks, express tools, and linking drawings (XREFs) are also covered. Instructions are illustrated using language and concepts from manual drafting, facilitating a smooth transition to the digital environment for all designers. New learners will appreciate the step-by-step lessons and visual illustrations, while experienced design professionals can easily access material to refresh their knowledge. Clear, concise, and above all visual, this AutoCAD guide speaks directly to the needs of architects and interior designers.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Hand Drawing and Digital Drawing
Chapter 1: Digital Drawing Tools
Chapter 2: Drawing Lines and Shapes
Chapter 3: Modifying Lines and Shapes
Chapter 4: Drawing with Accuracy and Speed

Part 2: Design Drawings
Chapter 5: Organizing Plans, Sections and Elevations
Chapter 6: Drawing and Printing to Scale
Chapter 7: Text Styles and Sizes
Chapter 8: Hatches and Dashed Lines

Part 3: Advanced Drawing Tools
Chapter 9: Stencils and Blocks
Chapter 10: Advanced Editing Tools
Chapter 11: Dimensioning Your Drawing
Chapter 12: Text Leaders
Chapter 13: Drawing Symbols and Attributed Text
Chapter 14: Lining Drawings/External References
Chapter 15: AutoCAD 360

Basic Metric Conversion Table
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About The Authors

Douglas R. Seidler is Assistant Professor of Interior Design at Marymount University, USA.

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