Praise for Berg Fashion Library



“An absolutely absorbing resource. It contains very strong narratives which are extremely rich in background detail and context. The various sections and demarcations are logical, self explanatory and easy to locate. The advanced search screen was a dream ... I never tired of discovering many of the numerous and fascinating facts, contained within, and it was a joy!”
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"In a world of fewer new reference sources either in print or online, the hard work, will, and determination of Berg have come to fruition in an exciting new resource. Congratulations to the little company that could."
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"[Of the Berg Fashion Library:] New resource incorporating the full text of The Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. Included are 3,600+ color images, an extensive time line of fashion, and updates of the Berg fashion studies e-books. Audience high school and up."

"This is a valuable resource for anyone interested in fashion and dress but particularly useful for students in anthropology, art history, cultural studies, museum studies, and, or course, fashion and textiles. It is recommended for undergraduate and graduate institutions with majors in these areas plus large public libraries."
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"[A] must-read."
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"Berg Fashion Library is the leading resource for students and researchers of fashion studies. Interdisciplinary in nature, with great visual and integrated content, this collection is invaluable for researchers in the areas of fashion, museum studies, cultural studies, anthropology, and more. Earning our gold star rating, it is critical for students of both historical and contemporary fashion."
Library Journal

"The leading source of information for anyone working in, researching, or studying fashion."

"Perhaps it's time for the fashionistas among us to embrace our inner nerd. This isn't your average dry as toast resource – it boasts over 2,000 images and some 700 plus articles. Its clever global organisation and near flawless presentation make it less at home in an old library and more shown off in open plan furniture. A must for the man who has everything!"
Gay Times

"This work is arguably the new benchmark in its field ... the set is magnificent ... Essential for larger public libraries and academic institutions; appropriate for students of cultural, social, artistic, and anthropological studies."
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"The true showstopper in this field is the new ten-volume Berg/Oxford Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion." 
Library Journal [starred status]

"It is hard to avoid the use of superlatives in reviewing this ambitious, erudite and authoritative series. Taking dress, fashion and (implicitly) the textiles and other materials that have adorned cross-cultural bodies throughout history as its themes, this ten-volume publication (with 6000 pages and 200 images) provides an extraordinary and rigorous contribution, not only to these, but a breadth of related disciplines."
Textile Journal

"After more than five years of meticulous fieldwork, extensive travel, writing, and more writing, [Eicher’s] team produced a document that gives every corner of the globe equal scholarly representation. The encyclopedia is a brilliant resource … more comprehensive than any history of dress or study of fashion on the shelf. It was created to be a record – the fairest of them all."

"Bloomsbury Fashion Central’s content is notable due to its historical through present day and international coverage of fashion that could be useful for programs such as fashion, history, humanities, drama, and art….Berg Fashion Library (BFL) stands out…. because of its international and historical coverage in the form of reference articles and photographs (from Berg print resources) which may make it easier for students to capture the historical significance in addition to the aesthetics and trends of fashion when paired with the high quality photographs."
Council of Chief Librarians


“All in all, Berg Fashion Library is an excellent platform that continues to grow and improve to provide relevant and interesting information about historical and contemporary fashion to its users. It is equally useful for more targeted use and for encouraging exploration, and has proven to be an indispensable research tool for both lecturers and students in the School of Fashion at LASALLE College of the Arts. We are positive that we will continue to learn from it, and hopefully also contribute to it in the years to come.”

Nadya Wang, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

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"BFL is always my first port of call for my own research, which has encompassed Morocco, Africa, Japan and Brazil. I find it particularly useful given the extensive attention paid to Western but also non-Western modes of everyday and high-end fashion and dress."
Liz, The Courtauld Institute of Art "Documenting Fashion" blog, UK

"The Berg Fashion Library has been a hit here at Northwestern. We found it very useful for student topics related to fashion and culture."
Lindsay King, Art Collection Public Services Librarian, Northwestern University

“At last, coming from a department that has just launched an MA in Digital Anthropology, we couldn’t be happier to see this hugely important resource being made available online. The reputation of Berg for all aspects of clothing, fashion and more general material culture studies is firmly established throughout the world. With the launch of the Berg Fashion Library, this is being taken to a new level – the level of everyone’s laptop.”
Daniel Miller, Professor of Material Culture, University College London

“As a scholar and teacher of literature, women’s studies and cultural studies, I find fashion texts indispensable to the full range of my research projects and courses. Fashion studies, as the books from Berg demonstrate, is a model for interdisciplinary scholarship. Fashion itself is a major force in the historical construction and transformation of gender and sexuality, in cultures all over the world. For literature, I’ve found helpful many Berg fashion books, not only those concerned directly with literature, but also those that examine the semiotics and symbolism of fashion.”
Leslie W. Rabine, University of California, Davis

"Berg has led in the study of dress, a key dimension of material culture research, and the Berg Fashion Library that includes Joanne Eicher's Encyclopedia will map the future of the study."
Henry Glassie, College Professor Emeritus, Indiana University, Bloomington

"Bloomsbury Publishing has given educational design reference powerhouse, Berg Fashion Library a wonderful new look with a visually-pleasing and easy to navigate platform. Still in its initial launch stage, the Berg Fashion Library content is more accessible than ever with links to key resources included with their foundation resource, "Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion," visitors can browse lesson plans, biblioguides, and an information-packed timeline. We are looking forward to their next platform release, Fashion Photography Archive!"
Lucy Bellamy, Head Librarian, Education Services, FIDM

"As librarians, many of us do instruction on Fashion and Textile topics, or assist faculty in finding resources for their classes. Berg Fashion Library is of course a great resource for this as it includes a range of materials including encyclopedias, books, scholarly articles and images."
Fashion, Textile & Costume Special Interest Group blog, Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA).
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“We like the Berg Fashion Library very much, and have been waiting for a resource like this for years.”
Ellen Gandré-Koebernik, Librarian, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg

“Fashion studies is a branch of cultural research that crosses boundaries. Sociologists and cultural historians are today far more sensitive than they used to be to the meaning and significance of clothing of all kinds, whether fashion, anti-fashion, counter cultural fashion or 'outside' fashion (if any clothing is). 'Fashion' therefore includes ethnographic study, the sociological study of sub-cultures, historical investigations and aesthetics.”
Elizabeth Wilson, Department of Applied Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University and author of Adorned in Dreams: Fashion and Modernity

“The study of fashion (or dress) speaks to key research fields within human geography, including the body, corporeality, consumption, commodity chains and retailing. The BFL will be a key resource for researchers and graduate students in the field.”
Nicky Gregson, Professor, Department of Geography, University of Sheffield

“This is a really worthwhile project. It will be useful for students at many levels of costume/dress/fashion studies. It is not intimidating and has the potential to expand and is flexible which is invaluable for a resource like this.”
Valerie Cumming, author of The Dictionary of Fashion History

"In this age of reliance on search engines for research, the Berg taxonomy offers a refreshingly direct means of accessing the increasingly diverse range of literature on clothing and dress. This tool will aid individuals with general, specialized, and visual study needs.”
Paula A. Baxter, Curator, Art & Architecture Collection, The New York Public Library

"The study of fashion is important to curators, museums and scholars because it gets to the heart of society. The Berg Fashion Library provides an accessible and essential online resource that draws together important dress collections and individual garments, accompanied by a rich array of images; this resource is indispensable."
Claire Wilcox, Senior Curator, Department of Furniture, Textiles & Fashion, V&A Museum

“The academic study of dress and fashion history in the United Kingdom has its roots in the discipline of Art History, and this close connection has remained fundamental to its development over the last forty years. The Berg Fashion Library will, I have no doubt, prove to be a vital resource for art and dress historians, collating visual information from varied sources and enhancing this with a rich variety of contextual and analytical essays.”
Rebecca Arnold, Oak Foundation Lecturer in History of Dress and Textiles, Courtauld Institute of Art

"Finally, someone has had the great foresight and desire to produce a definitive work on fashion and costume throughout history. This is an incredibly exciting project and one which I’ve no doubt will prove useful beyond measure as an invaluable source of information and inspiration for costumiers, designers and other professionals working in the theatre, and students of theatre studies."
Alistair McArthur, Head of Costume, Royal Shakespeare Company