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I'm having difficulties signing in to access my Fairchild Books course materials or instructor resources

Beginning May 16th 2023, Fairchild Books products including printed textbooks, eTextbooks, Studios, and packages will be available for purchase and to request as exam copies from www.bloomsbury.com/fairchildbooks. You can read more about the Fairchild Books website migration on the frequently asked questions page here.

What content is available in Bloomsbury Fashion Central?

Bloomsbury Fashion Central is a dynamic digital hub for interdisciplinary research in fashion and dress. The site holds different collections, each of which is available for individual purchase, via subscription or perpetual access.

  • Berg Fashion Library contains academic eBooks, reference works, and thousands of invaluable color images, providing a rich interdisciplinary Fashion Studies resource
  • Fairchild Books Library contains textbooks covering the full range of fashion education, from design and construction through to the fashion industry and history
  • Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases contains case studies from across the fashion industry, covering sustainability, ethics, design, marketing, and much more
  • Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive contains photographs and supporting materials covering forty years of contemporary fashion, showcasing the evolution of today's most iconic designers
  • Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive contains nearly 3,000 spectacular fashion show videos from Paris, London, New York and Milan, covering 1979-2003

A sixth collection, Bloomsbury Dress and Costume Library, will be added to the site in October 2023.

Is the content included in Bloomsbury Fashion Central available online anywhere else?

Berg Fashion Library:

  • The Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion is available in digital format exclusively via Bloomsbury Fashion Central, as are teaching and learning materials.
  • Although eBooks are also available to purchase in print and e-copy individually, they are fully-indexed exclusively for the resource and can be cross-searched with other related content from across the collections on the site.
  • Museum partnerships bring together fashion objects held in disparate collections across the world through an exclusively applied classification system, enabling sophisticated search and browse.

Fairchild Books Library:

  • Textbooks are available to purchase in print and e-copy individually, but are fully-indexed exclusively for Bloomsbury Fashion Central and can be cross-searched with other related content from across the collections on the site.

Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases:

  • All business cases are commissioned specifically for Bloomsbury Fashion Central and available exclusively through it.

Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive:

  • All images are owned by Bloomsbury and available exclusively through the Bloomsbury Fashion Central.
  • All article content is exclusive to the resource.

Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive:

  • The YNAP Runway Archive Collection includes large amounts of rare fashion show footage pre-dating the rise of digital formats, and is available to the educational market exclusively through Bloomsbury Fashion Central
  • All article content is exclusive to the resource.

Will the resource be updated?

  • Berg Fashion Library is updated with new eBooks and exclusive article content every 6 months.
  • Fairchild Books Library is updated with new textbook titles five times a year.
  • Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases is updated with new and exclusive business cases every 6 months.
  • Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive is complete and no longer being updated.
  • Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive will be updated with a final batch of exclusive articles in 2022, after which the collection will be complete.

Who is the resource for?

Bloomsbury Fashion Central is an invaluable resources for fashion and dress students, researchers and instructors. The resource will also be relevant to those in a range of related disciplines such as art history, anthropology and business studies.