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About Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases

Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases brings fashion business to life and creates a link between education and industry. Designed to help students develop the essential business skills required by the next generation of fashion industry professionals, this digital resource is global in focus and presents real-world cases on challenges facing the business of fashion, tackling important issues such as sustainability, technology, ethics, and leadership. The resource is tailored to provide the tools to steer students toward success as they transition to a career in fashion. 

"This is a strong resource for business, marketing, and industry-related studies (...) Business Cases is an excellent addition to the Fashion Central collection." - Gricel Dominguez, Library Journal

About the collection

Cases are a popular and effective educational tool for students to learn and apply business concepts to real-life situations, strategies, and dilemmas. Cases provide an overview and background information associated with an issue or problem a company is facing. Students are then asked to review and analyze the background material, evaluate multiple alternative solutions, recommend and justify an optimal solution for the company, and predict outcomes of the solution. Cases provide the opportunity to apply and practice analytic, evaluative, and communication skills.

The case collection addresses a wide range of pedagogical needs, from illustrating core classroom principles to fostering in-depth independent research. Cases are divided into the following levels:

  • Introductory: for foundation and first-year undergraduates
  • Intermediate: for mid- to upper-level undergraduates
  • Advanced: for postgraduates

and are split into three different types:

  • Field case: based on the author’s insider experience in the industry
  • Public case: based on publicly available information on the industry
  • Scenario case: based on a fictional but realistic company

Together the cases create essential tools for the entire fashion curriculum and bridge the gap between education and industry to equip the next generation of fashion industry leaders.

Partner Collections

We partner with leading institutions that are recognised for their excellence in fashion business education to bring you bespoke case collections.

Extended Teaching Notes – Instructors Only

All of the cases in the collection contain notes that provide guidance on using the case in fashion education.

For many of the cases these notes are for instructor-use only and are identified as Extended Teaching Notes. These contain sample answers, grading guides, recommended solutions, and much more. They are only available to instructors when logged into an authenticated personal account.

Are you an instructor? This simple guide shows you how to access instructor-only Extended Teaching Notes:

Extended Teaching Notes Authorisation Guide

Guides for Instructors, Students, and Authors

Are you new to using cases in the classroom? Are you interested in contributing to the collection? Our expert Editorial Team have put together some guides on effectively using case studies, for instructors and students, and how to submit your own idea for a case.