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About Bloomsbury Digital Fashion Masterclasses

Bloomsbury Digital Fashion Masterclasses – get to grips with digital fashion

Bloomsbury Digital Fashion Masterclasses brings together unique video masterclasses from industry innovators giving you extensive insider expertise. Accompanied by written business case studies, this collection is designed to enhance your teaching and studies. It is a coherent, detailed, and unique way to access digital fashion.

Created by The Digital Fashion Group, the video masterclasses explore all aspects of digital technology and include a diverse range of key people at the forefront of digital fashion.

Content highlights

  • Features innovative organisations including The Fabricant, Ilona Song, PlatformE, Unspun, and Maison Taskin.
  • Explores the full fashion value chain from design to production to marketing - covering topics across digital fashion including artificial intelligence, sustainability, digital solutions, digital design, digital transformation, and more.
  • Includes accompanying business case studies to contextualise the videos, incorporating key learning outcomes, business questions, and teaching notes.
  • Offers a coherent, detailed, and unique way to access digital fashion as each video features an introduction to the business and a Q&A with an industry insider.

Teaching Notes – Instructors Only

All of the cases in the collection contain notes that are for instructor-use only and are identified as Teaching Notes. These contain in-class activities, discussion questions, recommended solutions, and much more. They are only available to instructors when logged into an authenticated personal account.

Are you an instructor? This simple guide shows you how to access instructor-only Teaching Notes:

How To Access Teaching Notes (PDF)

The Digital Fashion Group are a European-led collaboration between fashion academics and industry innovators. Working with industry leaders, they equip students, professionals, and brands with the relevant skills, mindset, and strategies for tomorrow’s workplace.