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How has masculinity been embodied through dress across ancient and modern cultures? Where do tailors begin when creating and modifying garments to fit an individual’s unique body and style? And how do styles of menswear and cultural attitudes towards it differ throughout the world? Explore the meaning, making and manifestations of menswear through our selection of free articles, chapters, images and videos.


Learn more about orthodox and transgressive silhouettes in advertising and on the catwalk, the evolution of the male skirt throughout fashion history, and the influence of zoot suits and jazz style on womenswear design. Two fashion business cases shed light on tomboy style fashion brands and merchandising strategies for menswear retailers in the early 1940s respectively.

Model from the Julien Macdonald, 1997 show
Image Credit: Julien Macdonald, 1997. Fashion Photography Archive.
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Unpick the process of tailoring with us, as our authors examine the art, craft, regional styles and business behind the shaping of garments, as well as the work of both Jean-Paul Gaultier and Giorgio Armani. Subscribers of Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive can take up their front row seat to watch Rei Kawakubo’s 1989 show ‘Liberation from Tailoring (Next New One)’ for Comme des Garçons which includes deconstructed tailoring such as oversized wide leg pants and tailcoats.

Man's tailored jacket with zebra-patterned plush, by Browning King & Co.
Image Credit: Man's Jacket. Philadelphia Museum of Art.
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Global menswear

Menswear takes a variety of forms globally which reveal much about our societies and (sub)cultures. Discover more about the relationship between young men and the aesthetics of fashion in contemporary Japan; and consider traditions and identity in Arab men’s clothing in the Eastern Mediterranean. Then step back in time to examine the effects of the Beat generation, hippie countercultures and gay liberation on American fashion; as well as the influences on the dress and body transformations of Afro-Brazilian men in the 19th century.

Japanese man with ponytail at dusk in Tokyo
Image Credit: Ippei Naoi / Getty Images.
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