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RMIT University Collection

Case Collection

The main focus of the cases in the RMIT collection are fashion branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship, in line with undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Fashion Brand Management and Fashion Entrepreneurship offered at RMIT University. The companies at the centre of the cases range from small-to-medium entrepreneurial Australian enterprises, to large global companies.

Description of School

RMIT is a global leader in fashion and textiles education. With campuses spanning three continents, RMIT has a diverse international student body. The School of Fashion and Textiles is world renowned as a dynamic and progressive educational leader whose impact influences the future of fashion and textiles. Informed by global awareness and astute knowledge of industry, the School leads in creative and entrepreneurial practices.

RMIT delivers multi-channel education, offering online learning opportunities and “work-integrated learning,” taught in real and stimulated working environments.

Staff are engaged as both practitioners and researchers, and are active as fashion and textile designers, curators, business innovators and leaders of industry. Their expertise and active engagement with industry allows students to stay up-to-date with current industry needs throughout their studies, meaning that students graduate highly sought after by industry and can find positions in all areas of the global fashion and textiles supply chain.


25 Dawson Street
Brunswick, 3056

Undergraduate Courses

Associate Degree in Fashion Design & Technology
Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design)
Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours)
Bachelor of Fashion (Design Technology)
Bachelor of Fashion (Merchandise Management)
Bachelor of Textiles (Design) (Honours)

Postgraduate Courses

Masters of Fashion (Entrepreneurship)
Master of Fashion (Design)
Master of Design (Fashion & Textiles)
Master of Technology (Fashion & Textiles)
PhD (Fashion & Textiles)

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