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What can we help you with?

I'm having difficulties signing in to access my Fairchild Books course materials or instructor resources

Beginning May 16th 2023, Fairchild Books products including printed textbooks, eTextbooks, Studios, and packages will be available for purchase and to request as exam copies from You can read more about the Fairchild Books website migration on the frequently asked questions page.

What search and browse options are available?

There are multiple ways of navigating the content:

  • The main Search box in the header
  • Advanced Search (appears when you are logged in): search by author name, title, category, or identifier, as well as by Content Types
  • Explore options: browse content by type, design houses, people, periods and places by selecting them in the Browse By section of the header
  • Timelines: accessible from the Timelines dropdown on the top navigation, this feature provides an illustrated overview of fashion history and links to related content

Can I save items for reading later?

Yes! It's quick and easy for any authenticated user to set up a personal account to save entries to view later, organize saved items into folders, email and export citations, save searches and set up search alerts.

Once you are logged in via your institution, follow the link in the header to 'Sign in to your personal account', then enter a few personal details (name, occupation, country, email address and password) to create a Personal Account.

Please note you can use the same Personal Account details to sign in on multiple Bloomsbury platforms, including Bloomsbury Music and Sound, Drama Online, Churchill Archive and Bloomsbury Visual Arts.

Can I print and download full text?

Yes, the site content has no DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection, and so it can be printed or saved to personal computers. All use of the site content is subject to our Terms and Conditions: printing and saving should be for personal use, and standard copyright restrictions apply regarding unauthorized copying and distribution.

How do I cite texts from Bloomsbury Fashion Central?

From the content page, click on the 'cite' icon to view formatted citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles. You can also download a file in RIS format for importing into reference manager software. Please note that the original pagination has been preserved from the print editions.

Can I follow links to other online resources?

Yes, if your institution has set up a link resolver, you can follow links from the bibliographies of full-text books to find copies of the referenced works in your library catalogue or other resources to which your library subscribes.

Is a cross-reference link missing from an entry?

If you have found a missing or broken cross-reference please contact us. We will be able to add or fix broken links in our next update.