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Advertising Menswear

Masculinity and Fashion in the British Media since 1945


Paul Jobling

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Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2014

In what was a golden age of British advertising, the notion of the ‘peacock male’ was a strong theme in fashion promotion, reflecting a new affluence and the emergence of stylish youth cultures. Based on a detailed study of rich archival material, this pioneering study examines the production, circulation and consumption of print, television and cinema publicity for men’s clothing in Britain during the second half of the twentieth century.

The study explores design issues and period style in advertising, the role of market research and consumer psychology in determining target audiences, the idea of the ‘new man’ in representing fashionable masculinities, and the various ways that menswear retailers and brands dealt with sex and gender, race, class and age.

From y-fronts to Austin Reed suits to Levi’s jeans, menswear advertising epitomised the themes, stereotypes, contradictions and ambiguities of masculinity in an age of great social change. This meticulously researched and detailed work of scholarship will be essential reading for students and scholars of fashion, history, sociology, advertising, media, cultural and gender studies.

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