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Indian Fashion

Tradition, Innovation, Style


Arti Sandhu

978-1-4742-3236-4 (online)
978-1-8478-8780-1 (hardback)
978-1-8478-8779-5 (paperback)
978-1-4725-9084-8 (epdf)
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Fashion in India is distinctly unique, in its aesthetics, systems, designers and influences. Indian Fashion is the first study of its kind to examine the social, political, global and local elements that give shape to this multifaceted center. Spanning India’s long historical contribution to global fashion to the emergence of today’s vibrant local fashion scene, Sandhu provides a comprehensive overview of the Indian fashion world. From elite high-end to street style of the masses, the book explores the complex realities of Indian dress through key issues such as identity, class, youth and media.

This ground-breaking book does not simply apply western fashion theory to an Indian context, but allows for a holistic understanding of how fashion is created, worn, displayed and viewed in India.

Accessibly written, Indian Fashion will be a fantastic resource for students of fashion, cultural studies and anthropology.