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Menswear Revolution

The Transformation of Contemporary Men’s Fashion


Jay McCauley Bowstead

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In recent years, menswear has moved decisively center stage. Menswear Revolution investigates the transformation of men’s fashion through the lens of shifting masculinities, examining how its increasing diversity has created new ways for men to explore and express their identities. Harnessing sustained market growth and creative dynamism on the runway, ground-breaking designers from Raf Simons and Hedi Slimane to Craig Green have revolutionized the discipline with their bold re-imaginings of the male wardrobe.

Analysing the role of the media in shaping attitudes to men’s fashion, Menswear Revolution studies how competing narratives of masculinity are reflected in popular discourse. Taking us from the mod and peacock revolutions of the 1960s to the new wave aesthetics of the 1980s, the book explores historical precedents for today’s menswear scene – and looks at the evolution of the “ideal” male body, from the muscular to the lean and boyish.

Combining interviews with fashion professionals with close analyses of garments and advertising, Menswear Revolution provides an authoritative account of menswear design today. Highlighting its relationship to changing concepts of gender, the book provides a much-needed update to scholarship on masculinity, fashion, and the body.

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