Basics Fashion Design 08: Styling Cover Image

Basics Fashion Design 08: Styling


Jacqueline McAssey and Clare Buckley

978-1-4742-1829-0 (online)
978-2-9404-1139-9 (paperback)
978-2-9404-4713-8 (epdf)
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There are few academic texts on the subject of fashion styling, and many students are unsure about what it is and who has paved the way in this specific field. Basics Fashion Design 08: Styling offers an effective mix of key stylists' biographies, high quality images by professionals and students alike and practical advice about how to produce a photo-shoot and break into the industry.

A stylist is responsible for choosing the look and clothing for a fashion image to communicate a fashion idea, trend or theme, or to advertise a fashion product. This book outlines what it means to style for a catalogue or advertisement (commercial styling), or a magazine (editorial styling) and what types of skills these different fields require.

Styling proves that even on a limited budget, with tremendous imagination and drive it is possible to create beautiful and relevant work.

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