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Developing a Fashion Collection


2nd Edition

Elinor Renfrew and Colin Renfrew

978-1-4742-2223-5 (online)
978-2-9404-9673-0 (paperback)
978-1-4725-3914-4 (epdf)
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Fully updated with new interviews and inspiring images, the 2nd edition of Developing a Fashion Collection covers everything the fashion student needs to know before designing their own collections.

Developing a Fashion Collection focuses on the process of designing a collection, and explores different types of research, fabric sourcing, the key roles within a design team and the many sources of inspiration available to designers. Different market levels from ready-to-wear to online shopping are covered in-depth, and are given real-world context through insightful interviews with practising contemporary designers. Collections for niche markets, including knitwear, childrenswear and footwear are also discussed.

The 2nd edition of Developing a Fashion Collection features interviews with high-profile international contemporary fashion designers, including Sister by Sibling, Holly Fulton, Todd Lynn, thefuturelaboratory, People Tree, Leutton Postle and Insley & Nash.