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Essentials of Exporting and Importing

U.S. Trade Policies, Procedures, and Practices


2nd Edition

Harvey R. Shoemack and Patricia Mink Rath

978-1-5013-0354-8 (online)
978-1-6090-1889-4 (paperback)
978-1-6090-1888-7 (epdf)
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International business, especially export-import trade, is no longer an option, but a necessity for today’s apparel industry to grow and generate profits or just to survive in the global marketplace. The decision to export or import is best based on a company or individual entrepreneur’s careful and thorough analysis of its internal and external resources and capabilities. Essentials of Exporting and Importing provides the merchandising, marketing, or business student a practical, basic guide for importing and exporting products, services, or technology, while maintaining compliance with government policies. Calling upon the knowledge and expertise of industry professionals and government officials as sources, the authors focus on the policies, procedures, and practices essential for success in the dynamic and expanding field of international trade.

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