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Fashion Business Cases

A Student Guide to Learning with Case Studies


Leslie Davis Burns

978-1-5013-6298-9 (online)
978-1-5013-6299-6 (paperback)
978-1-5013-6301-6 (epdf)
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Fashion Business Cases: A Student Guide to Learning with Case Studies allows students to apply what they are learning in the classroom to real-life situations in the global fashion industry. Adapted from the Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases (BFBC) online resource, this text will aid instructors in providing high-quality examples from scholars around the world. A mix of introductory, intermediate, and advanced cases ensure that students of all levels can develop the business, communication, and problem-solving skills required of fashion industry professionals. Topics range from corporate social responsibility and sustainable fashion to transparent brand communication and cultural sensitivity. This book is designed to foster critical and ethical thinking as students enter the fashion industry.

Key Features:

- 40 cases studies, of introductory, intermediate, and advanced level

- Learning Objectives and Business Questions included with each case

- An introductory chapter teaching students how to use case studies effectively

- Instructor’s Guide with Teaching Notes

Table of contents