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Fashion Trends

Analysis and Forecasting


2nd Edition

Eundeok Kim, Ann Marie Fiore, Alice Payne and Hyejeong Kim

978-1-3500-9904-3 (online)
978-1-3500-9900-5 (hardback)
978-1-3500-9901-2 (paperback)
978-1-3500-9903-6 (epdf)
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In a fast-moving global industry how does anyone know what the next trend will be? To answer this question, fashion professionals engage in a systematic, analytical process to predict and understand changes in society and consumer behavior. Forecasting companies and developers collect information related to culture, the economy, politics, and technology that may influence future trends. Gleaning information wherever they can, online or from books, arts, music, movies, fashion, and architecture, fashion forecasters research cultural indicators that signpost new ways of living, shopping, and designing.

Fashion Trends offers a clear pathway into the theory and practice of forecasting fashion, using professional case studies to demonstrate each technique and concept. This revised edition includes expanded coverage of social media, crowd sourcing, digital influencers, and the use of technology such as augmented reality, radio-frequency identification (RFID), and big data. With the rise of individualism, the authors also walk you through the “end of fashion” and what comes next, including clothing subscription and rental services, the circular economy, transparency and traceability, and the role of forecasting in provoking the desire for a sustainable lifestyle.