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Guide To Fashion Entrepreneurship

The Plan, The Product, The Process


Melissa G. Carr and Lisa Hopkins Newell

978-1-5013-0374-6 (online)
978-1-6090-1493-3 (paperback)
978-1-6090-1981-5 (epdf)
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Guide to Fashion Entrepreneurship is for students and fashion professionals seeking information on how to develop, market, and sell their own product lines as independent labels or brands. Readers will expand their knowledge of the ready-to-wear process in order to successfully identify market opportunities, execute product differentiation, and market a new product/brand in the retail environment.

Beyond practical direction, this book guides readers in understanding the underpinnings of the process of starting their own brand or creating a product through a comprehensive analysis of the fashion industry. It examines how products are planned and developed, and the interrelationship of allied industries with perspectives on consumers, manufacturers, retailers and the international markets. With guided steps to understanding how to create a product/brand, this book effectively equips readers with fundamental information on how they can develop a plan, create new fashion products and channel them to the ultimate consumer.

With the emergence of artisans and brand entrepreneur as an economic force, students and aspiring fashion professionals learn how to think like an entrepreneur and launch a fashion brand.

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