Guide to Producing A Fashion Show Cover Image

Guide to Producing A Fashion Show


3rd Edition

Judith C. Everett and Kristen K. Swanson

978-1-5013-0376-0 (online)
978-1-5013-1014-0 (paperback)
978-1-6090-1804-7 (epdf)
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Guide to Producing a Fashion Show is the definitive source of information for anyone interested in fashion show production. All aspects of fashion show production are covered including: reasons to produce a show, planning, model selection, merchandise selection, staging and music, budgeting, show preparation, execution, and evaluation. The third edition is up to date with behind-the-scenes examples and expanded coverage of technology, the internet and social media, training amateur models and how to set up and run a dressing room. Whether the reader is experienced or a novice this text provides a step-by-step process for how to plan, organize, promote and execute an exciting fashion show.