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Menswear Trends


Aki Choklat

978-1-4742-2732-2 (online)
978-1-4725-9171-5 (paperback)
978-1-4725-9172-2 (epdf)
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Menswear Trends will help you understand the relationship of menswear to society, enabling you to become both a forecaster and trend thinker – and bring new ideas, innovation and strategies to men's fashion. With designer and educator Aki Choklat you'll learn how menswear trends fit within the larger context of retail, how brands can use trends to be more competitive, and how to create an inspiring trend forecast.

Later chapters show how to analyse catwalks, gather information from street-style coverage, compare short-term and long-term analysis and how to analyse and forecast colour trends. In the final chapter you'll explore the various job roles within the trend industry, learn to differentiate between trend services and how to navigate the contemporary job market and illustrate your skills in a portfolio.