Principles of Flat-Pattern Design Cover Image

Principles of Flat-Pattern Design


4th Edition

Nora M. MacDonald

978-1-5013-0404-0 (online)
978-1-5636-7851-6 (hardback)
978-1-6289-2020-8 (epdf)
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The basic principles of the flat-pattern method are the foundation of producing effective apparel designs. Principles of Flat-Pattern Design, 4th Edition, maintains its simple and straightforward presentation of flat-patternmaking principles which is proven to be less intimidating for beginning students. Numbered and fully illustrated steps guide students through a logical series of pattern manipulation procedures, each beginning with a flat sketch of the design to be developed and ending with a representation of the completed pattern. A significant expansion of the introductory chapters in this 4th Edition aligns the patternmaking process with current industry practices, including technological advancements, design analysis, and production basics such as grading, marker making, and specifications.

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