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Retailing In Emerging Markets


2nd Edition

Shubhapriya Bennur and Jaya Halapete (eds)

978-1-5013-1909-9 (online)
978-1-5013-1906-8 (paperback)
978-1-5013-1907-5 (epdf)
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Emphasizing the apparel and beauty industries, Retailing in Emerging Markets, 2nd Edition provides an in-depth study of the retail landscape within Brazil, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, Thailand, South Korea and Mexico. Each chapter focuses on a single country, discussing the organization of its retail industry, analyzing consumer behavior, and presenting strategies for effectively entering its market. This new edition includes fully updated data, statistics and economic perspectives on each of the countries covered. Readers will emerge armed with a deeper understanding of the political, economic, and cultural factors driving each market—an understanding essential for building and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s global retail environment.

New to this Edition

Two new chapters on South Korea and Qatar investigate the current marketplace opportunities and challenges

Increased coverage of the legislative landscapes and long-term economic outlooks for each country

Updated and new chapter case studies analyze the expansion strategies of international retailers

New Chapter Summaries and Critical Thinking Questions offer additional learning tools

Includes 60% new photos and current maps to bring the chapters to life

Expanded contributor biographies highlight the expertise of each scholar

Table of contents