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Social Media For Fashion Marketing

Storytelling in a Digital World


Wendy K. Bendoni

978-1-4742-3334-7 (online)
978-1-4742-3332-3 (paperback)
978-1-4742-3333-0 (epdf)
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Social Media for Fashion Marketing enables students to explore how social network platforms continue to alter digital communication and have an impact on the marketing strategies employed by the fashion industry. It also crucially equips readers with the know-how to examine current industry trends in social media marketing, such as the impact of new technologies, digital influencers, analytics and SEO on the fashion cycle and on consumer behaviour.

This book uniquely explores how social media marketing platforms are utilized and integrated by fashion industry professionals to better understand a brand's target audience, determine new digital strategies for growth and to create effective new media tools.

Readers gain valuable insights through a range of digital marketing case studies and chapter exercises that focus on critical thinking and practical applications. The title also features an impressive wealth of interviews with key industry practitioners, including Daniel Plenge (Marc Jacobs), Aliza Licht (Donna Karan International), Alistair Allan (Burberry), Laura West (Nike) and Andrea Port (Kenneth Cole).

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