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Swipe, Scan, Shop

Interactive Visual Merchandising


Kate Schaefer

978-1-3500-9289-1 (online)
978-1-3500-9287-7 (paperback)
978-1-3500-9288-4 (epdf)
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Successful fashion merchandising, branding, and communication start with satisfyingly sensory and interactive shopping experiences. With Kate Schaefer's beautifully illustrated and practical book, learn how retailers create these experiences to connect with shoppers, enhance the retail experience, and achieve brand loyalty.

With company highlights from brands such as Amazon Go, FIT:MATCH and Sephora, Swipe, Scan, Shop shows how fashion retailers are embracing the omnichannel retail experience, by using virtual and augmented reality, beacon technologies, and facial recognition, among other techniques. As shoppers become more dependent on digital devices as part of their shopping experience, visual merchandisers are adapting by incorporating mobile tech to tell a story, alert shoppers of product locations and inventory levels, and allow for the customization of products and sharing with friends.

With a companion website that includes resources and links to further information and videos discussed in the book, this practical guide shows how to inform, entice, and engage customers by incorporating social technology throughout the shopping experience.