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The Book of Pockets

A Practical Guide for Fashion Designers


Adriana Gorea, Katya Roelse and Martha L. Hall

978-1-4742-7251-3 (online)
978-1-4742-7249-0 (paperback)
978-1-4742-7250-6 (epdf)
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Pockets on our clothes are not only functional, but can also be the fundamental design element that makes a garment unique. The Book of Pockets is a practical guide to a wide range of pocket constructions, fabrications, applications, details and styles that can be used as inspiration for developing new designs, from activewear to couture.

Written by experienced fashion designers and featuring interviews with a wide range of practitioners, from curators to technology developers, every chapter of this comprehensive fashion design resource includes sewing tutorials for pockets as well as design and construction challenges, from simple to advanced. Featuring both historical illustrations and contemporary catwalk photography for inspiration, the extensive collection of pocket patterns and flats makes this book an essential resource for anyone designing or constructing clothes with pockets.

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