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The Why Of The Buy

Consumer Behavior and Fashion Marketing


2nd Edition

Patricia Mink Rath, Stefani Bay, Richard Petrizzi and Penny Gill

978-1-5013-0429-3 (online)
978-1-6090-1898-6 (paperback)
978-1-6090-1991-4 (epdf)
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"Consumer behavior affects the fashion industry-in design, production, merchandising and promotion at all levels-as much as it affects retailing. The Second Edition of Why of the Buy: Consumer Behavior and Fashion Marketing continues to address how psychology, sociology, and culture all influence the how, what, when, where, and why of the buy. The unifying element of this text is its presentation of current knowledge of consumer behavior applied to the fields of fashion and design in an enthusiastic and relevant way that will attract and engage students.

New to this Edition

—New What Do I Need to Know About …? feature lists the objectives of each chapter, providing a roadmap for study

—New , Social Media and the Fashion Consumer, explores how the relationship between marketers, retailers, and consumers is aided by social media and the internet

—New discussion of Omnichannel retailing in "

Table of contents