Draping for Apparel Design

3rd Edition

Helen Joseph-Armstrong

Published: FEB 15, 2013

The third edition of Draping for Apparel Design combines Joseph-Armstrong’s classic step-by-step instructions with a user-friendly layout. To show how to turn two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional garments, the author presents the following three draping principles and techniques: manipulating dart excess, adding fullness, and contour draping. New and updated design projects illustrate how to prepare a draping plan. Design analyses identify the creative elements of each design and help determine draping techniques required to develop patterns. This text emphasizes the importance of draping foundation garments for building more complex designs. Designers will gain essential skills to creatively apply draping techniques to their own designs.

Formats ISBN
eBook 9781501308802
Paperback 9781609012403

The Art of Fashion Draping

4th Edition

Connie Amaden-Crawford

Published: MAR 01, 2012

Intended for students of fashion design, clothing and dressmaking, this easy-to-follow bestseller teaches the different methods and principles involved in draping fabric on the dress form. The Art of Fashion Draping, 3rd Edition, is organised from basic to more advanced topics. New and revised illustrations keep the book up to date.

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eBook 9781501308925
Paperback 9781609012274

Draping Basics

Sally DiMarco

Published: DEC 11, 2009

With step-by-step written instructions, Draping Basics provides the fundamentals of designing foundation garments by draping fabric on a dress form. Photographs clearly demonstrate the details of the process, and CAD drawings show how the draping is transferred to paper patterns. The text covers the foundation skirt, bodice, and set-in sleeve, as well as foundation bodice variations; dart equivalent bodice styles; bodice designs; and skirt, dress, and collar styles.

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eBook 9781609014490
Paperback 9781563677366

Integrating Draping, Drafting and Drawing

Bina Abling and Kathleen Maggio

Published: AUG 29, 2008

This handy studio reference teaches draping, drafting, and drawing the way they are practiced in the industry: by integrating them throughout the creative process. Integrating Draping, Drafting, and Drawing illustrates the design process, encompassing sketch and garment pattern development, and creates bridges between studio methods and design illustration. Chapters are presented as hands-on learning experiences with lessons that mimic classroom demonstrations. Step-by-step photographs portray the draping process in a sculptural way rather than using illustrations, which cannot truly depict the response of fabric draped on a dress form. Throughout the book, instructions for producing patterns and slopers—skirts, bodices, necklines and collars, and sleeves—are presented, along with variations, so that students will be able to drape, draft, and draw complete garments. The concluding chapter of the book is devoted to drawing exercises based on the work of 20th century designer Donald Brooks.

Formats ISBN
eBook 9781501308826
Hardback 9781563674860