Fashion Forecasting

5th Edition

Lorynn Divita

Published: SEP 19, 2019

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Paperback + Studio 9781501338984
eBook + Studio 9781501338977
eBook 9781501338632
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Studio 9781501338953


Cases and Explorations in Fashion Branding

2nd Edition

Joseph H. Hancock II

Published: MAR 10, 2016

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eBook 9781501300035
Paperback 9781501300028

The Why of the Buy

Consumer Behavior and Fashion Marketing

2nd Edition

Patricia Mink Rath,Stefani Bay,Penny Gill and Richard Petrizzi

Published: OCT 23, 2014

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eBook 9781609019914
Paperback 9781609018986

Basics Fashion Management 02: Fashion Promotion

Building a Brand Through Marketing and Communication

Gwyneth Moore

Published: OCT 29, 2012

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eBook 9782940447473
Paperback 9782940411870

Marketing Fashion

A Global Perspective

Penny Gill,Richard Petrizzi and Patricia Mink Rath

Published: MAY 24, 2012

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eBook 9781609019297
Paperback 9781609010782

Fashion Marketing

Theory, Principles & Practice

Marianne Bickle

Published: JUN 21, 2010

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Paperback 9781563677380