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The Art of Fashion Draping

5th Edition

Connie Amaden-Crawford

Published: FEB 08, 2018

Written for fashion design, apparel, and patternmaking students and professionals, this step-by-step guide to draping fabric on a dress form teaches skills and techniques needed to develop creative patterns. The Art of Fashion Draping, 5th Edition, is organized from basic to advanced projects and includes a wide variety of styles--from the basic bodice to bias-cut gowns. More than 1400 two-color illustrations reflect current designs and visually spell out every step of the draping process.

- Step-by-step draping instructions and clear line drawings highlighting each draping step
- Checklists to evaluate and analyze designs
- Cross-referencing of techniques across chapters

New to This Edition
- Online STUDIO includes 20 video tutorials explaining key draping skills and techniques
- New user-friendly lay-flat binding makes the book easier to use while draping garments
- Added intermediate and advanced design variations that integrate contemporary designs with time-tested classics such as a new off-shoulder sleeve design and peplum design
- Now includes metric measurements within the chapter instructions
- Enhanced chapters include: Additional explanation on how to finish off flounce edges, added waistband sections at the end of the skirt and pants chapters and illustrating practice items end of each chapter.

This bundle includes The Art of Fashion Draping, 5th Edition and The Art of Fashion Draping STUDIO Access Card.

Formats ISBN
Paperback + Studio 9781501330292
eBook + Studio 9781501330285
eBook 9781501328497
Companion Study Tools ISBN
Studio 9781501330261

A Guide to Fashion Sewing

6th Edition

Connie Amaden-Crawford

Published: MAR 12, 2015

A Guide to Fashion Sewing, 6th Edition, provides a comprehensive fashion sewing resource for beginning and advanced sewers alike. Readers will learn how to assemble and construct designs of various styles using proven industry methods for more than 100 sewing applications. Chapters cover everything from sewing equipment, measurements, and fabric selection to actual garment assembly. Filled with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and large, clear illustrations, this book is an indispensable resource for constructing quality garments. Accompanying video demonstrations help readers learn at their own pace basic sewing skills and techniques such a seams, darts, bias binding, zipper, and garment assembly.

The new edition features an updated design, new industrial sewing machine information and photographs, and expanded information on tailoring. Amaden-Crawford has added convenient metric measurement equivalents to the text, helpful project checklists to aid self-assessment of completed project, and 1/2 scale patterns to make sample garment assembly easier than ever before.

Introducing A Guide to Fashion Sewing STUDIO--an online tool for more effective study!

~Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips
~Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions
~Watch videos with step-by-step demonstrations basic sewing skills, including techniques such as seams, darts, bias bindings, zippers and garment assembly
~ Access downloadable files for patterns to accompany chapter projects
~ Gather your tools with an updated info on fabric and materials resources
~ Redeeming the code inside this card will give you full access to the content previously contained on the DVD or CD packaged with the book A Guide to Fashion Sewing 6th Edition.

This bundle includes A Guide to Fashion Sewing 6th Edition and A Guide to Fashion Sewing STUDIO Access Card.

Formats ISBN
Paperback + Studio 9781501395284
eBook + Studio 9781501395918
eBook 9781628921854
Paperback 9781628921847
Companion Study Tools ISBN
Studio 9781501395628