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Industry Clothing Construction Methods

Mary Ruth Shields

Published: AUG 30, 2010

This text guides fashion students through the garment construction process and provides students in both fashion design and merchandising with the industry standard construction information that they will need to function effectively within design firms. By focusing on garment construction techniques for various market levels—from budget (mass market) and moderate to bridge (or better) and designer’s ready-to-wear—this text emphasizes the garment construction process as it exists in the industry today. Comparisons of construction methods used at different price points are an integral part of the text, with assembly techniques noted according to their affect on garment cost, quality, and production time. Flow charts and reference charts focus on industry methods, practice, and applications. Practice construction methods throughout the text reinforce students’ competency levels with industry-based sewing methods as opposed to traditional sewing practices.

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Paperback 9781563677267