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Designer's Guide to Girls' and Junior Apparel

Randi Beer

Published: SEP 09, 2009

Designer’s Guide to Girls’ & Junior Apparel explains the process a fashion designer goes through to put a line together specifically for the girls’ and junior markets. It starts with the inspiration phase, and moves to research and sketching. Chapters teach students how the designer works with patternmakers to see the garment fabricated and sewn, and then follows the garment as it is costed, merchandised, and prepared to be sold. Students will be exposed to the many layers of specifications, production patterns, and testing, and finally producing and shipping the garments. This book also shows that designing apparel is a process that requires careful consideration of what styles sold last season, how current events influence the popularity of designs, and other factors that affect profits in the apparel industry.

Formats ISBN
Paperback 9781563676925