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Fundamentals of Lighting

3rd Edition

Susan Winchip

Published: JAN 12, 2017

Fundamentals of Lighting, 3rd Edition, takes an integrated approach to the study of lighting and design. Topics include lighting system basics, lighting and the design process, human factors, sustainability, global issues, regulations, business practices, and the LEED building certification program.

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This bundle includes Fundamentals of Lighting, 3rd Edition and Fundamentals of Lighting STUDIO Access Card.

Formats ISBN
Paperback + Studio 9781501320927
eBook + Studio 9781501320910
eBook 9781501317675
Paperback 9781501317668
Companion Study Tools ISBN
Studio 9781501320897

Professional Practice for Interior Design in the Global Marketplace

Susan Winchip

Published: JUN 13, 2012

The interior designers of tomorrow require a professional practice text that is contemporary and innovative enough to prepare them for the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st century workplace. Professional Practice for Interior Designers in the Global Marketplace arms students of the Millennial Generation with the know-how they’ll need to launch and evolve their careers. It emphasizes the essential skills and knowledge required to work in a firm as an entry-level designer, while providing an overview of what is involved in starting, owning, and operating an interior design business. Although rooted in fundamentals, the book incorporates up-to-the-minute developments including globalization, changing demographics, the rise of networking technologies, sustainable design, social responsibility, and global economics.

Formats ISBN
Paperback 9781609011383

Sustainable Design for Interior Environments Second Edition

2nd Edition

Susan Winchip

Published: OCT 10, 2011

Sustainable Design for Interior Environments, 2nd Edition, builds on the first edition’s premise that the interior design profession has a social and moral responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of people and the environment. The text equips professors, students, and practitioners to design sustainable interiors by addressing LEED certification, environmental concerns, ecosystems, ethics, values, worldviews, and the ways in which science and technology can be used to address environmental challenges. Through content, organization, and pedagogical features, the book integrates complex sustainability topics directly into the design process, thereby enabling readers to apply the concepts of sustainability with the same ease as they do the elements and principles of design.

Formats ISBN
Paperback 9781609010812

Visual Culture in the Built Environment

A Global Perspective

Susan Winchip

Published: FEB 22, 2010

Visual Culture in the Built Environment: A Global Perspective provides an integrated survey of global interior environments and architecture, explaining significant design styles and movements from the mid-19th century to the present day. In addition to learning the characteristics and designers of a particular style or movement, students will learn how and why interior environments and architecture develop, including the impact of cultural and political events. In reflecting the emerging field of Visual Culture studies, this textbook expands upon traditional approaches to studying the history of interior environments and architecture by presenting content within the global interdisciplinary context of the arts, politics, technology, business, and economics.

Formats ISBN
Paperback 9781563676796