V. Ann Paulins and Julie L. Hillery

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FEB 15, 2015
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Knock-off designer handbags, shoplifting, sweatshop labor, provocative advertising, these are just a few examples of complex ethical issues in the fashion industry today. Ethics are about making good decisions, and in the fashion industry—where it is essential to work cooperatively with many different people—understanding ethics is key to being an honest, informed, and effective employee. Ethics in the Fashion Industry provides readers with the tools they need to develop and practice ethical decision-making skills.

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Table of Contents

1. Ethics in Everyday Life
2. Corporate Culture
3. People at Work: Management, Supervision, and Workplace Issues
4. Processes and Pitfalls of the Design and Development of Fashion
5. Ethical Aspects of Manufacturing and Sourcing Fashion Products
6. Acquiring Apparel
7. People Who Produce and Manufacture Apparel: Responsibilities and Liabilities in a Complex Industry
8. Advertising and Promotion
9. Selling: Decisions, Practices, and Professional Ethics
10. Consumer Decisions in an Ethical Context
11. Self-Promotion and Career Search with an Ethical Perspective

About The Authors

Ann Paulins is a professor and Director of Retail Merchandising at Ohio University, USA.
Julie L. Hillery is the Kohl's Professor of Retailing and Merchandising and faculty at Northern Illinois University, USA.

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