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NOV 26, 2008

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What's in the book

The Book

Fashion Brand Merchandising introduces the concepts and practices to help students build, develop, and work with fashion brands. The book includes four parts, each exploring an important facet of fashion brands and the fashion brand process. This text covers how branding and merchandising activities are interrelated and interdependent with respect to marketing fashion-related products. In whatever capacity you engage with fashion brands—marketer, merchandiser, retailer, designer, or student—this text covers what you need to know to work successfully in the industry.
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Table of Contents

Part 1: What are Fashion Brands?

Chapter 1: Fashion Brand Merchandising
Chapter 2: Fashion Brands in the Marketplace
Chapter 3: Fashion Brands and Consumers
Chapter 4: Products, Services, and Fashion Brands

Part 2: Building Fashion Brands

Chapter 5: Planning Fashion Brands
Chapter 6: Elements of Fashion Brands
Chapter 7: Fashion Brand Communication
Chapter 8: Fashion Brand Experiences

Part 3: Developing Fashion Brands

Chapter 9: Changing Nature of Fashion Brands
Chapter 10: Expanding Fashion Brands
Chapter 11: Measuring Fashion Brand Performance
Chapter 12: Fashion Brand Portfolios

Part 4: Working with Fashion Brands

Chapter 13: Organizing the Fashion Brand Team
Chapter 14: Business and Social Issues of Fashion Brands
Chapter 15: Future Trends of Fashion Brands

About The Authors

Gordon T. Kendall is a freelance author and lecturer based in
Dallas, Texas.

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