4th Edition

Lorynn Divita and Evelyn L. Brannon

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SEP 24, 2015
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The Book

How do retailers decide which colors and styles are featured in their stores? What factors influence the patterns, textiles and silhouettes designers show in their collections? These choices are all made with the help of fashion forecasting—a dynamic industry that identifies the trends that influence what people will be wearing in the future. This text provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the forecasting process, from studying fashion innovation and cultural influences to conducting consumer research, exploring how to identify the who, what, where, when and why driving fashion change in our lives. New co-author Divita has revised the structure of each chapter to streamline content and improve the flow of information while discussing timely examples and industry applications. Ultimately, students will learn how to prepare and present their own fashion forecast.

- Includes 150 color photographs showing current examples
- Industry Profiles illustrate the types of job opportunities that exist for students and ground theoretical concepts in real-world application
- End-of-chapter summaries, activities, and discussion questions engage students in creative application of concepts

New to this Edition
- New Chapter 5, “Popular Culture and Forecasting”, connects the influence of television, music, movies and social media to the rise of trends
- Thoroughly updated Chapter 4, now entitled “Modern Forecasting Methods”, features current forecasters such as Trend Tablet, Perclers Paris, and Nelly Rodi Lab
- New You Be The Forecaster feature allows students to apply the skills in each chapter in scenarios that simulate real-world career situations

Fashion Forecasting STUDIO
- Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips
- Review concepts with flashcards of essential vocabulary
- Watch videos that bring chapter concepts to life

Teaching Resources
- Instructor’s Guide with Test Bank provides suggestions for planning the course and using the text in the classroom, supplemental assignments,
lecture notes, and sample test questions.
- PowerPoint® presentations include images from the book and provide a framework for lecture and discussion

Table of Contents

1. The Fashion Forecasting Process
Part One: Forecasting Frameworks
2. Introducing Innovation
3. The Direction of Fashion Change
4. Modern Forecasting Methods
Part Two: Fashion Dynamics
5. Popular Culture and Forecasting
6. Color Forecasting
7. Textile Forecasting
8. The Look: Design Concepts and Style Directions
Part Three: Marketplace Dynamics
9. Consumer Research
10. Sales Forecasting
Part Four: Forecasting at Work
11. Competitive Analysis
12. Presenting the Forecast

About The Authors

Evelyn L. Brannon is Professor Emerita at Auburn University, USA, where she was an Associate Professor of fashion forecasting, apparel design, entrepreneurship, and consumer preference.

Lorynn Divita is an Associate Professor of Apparel Merchandising at Baylor University, USA.

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