Michael Londrigan and Jacqueline M. Jenkins

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AUG 09, 2018
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Learn the elements of the global supply chain so that you can run a fashion business. The book covers raw materials, sourcing and production, inventory, logistics, information systems, and the retailer. It focuses on the apparel and textile industry, and discusses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and retailing on a global scale. You will gain an understanding of how the fashion industry supply chain relates to various roles in a fashion company--from designer to merchandiser--so that you can create value for the consumer.

· Gives you tools for complex decision-making
· Shows you how to manage relationships in the fashion industry supply chain
· Explains the impact of technology on the “production calendar” in a fashion company

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Table of Contents

1 The Fashion Industry
2 The Global Economy
3 Data Collection and Analysis
4 Corporate Social Responsibility
5 Inter-relationship of Departments
6 Raw Materials
7 Sourcing and Production
8 Quality Control
9 Logistics
10 Financing
11 Retail
12 Consumer

About The Authors

Michael Londrigan is the Vice President for Academic Affairs of LIM College, USA, and former Chair of the Fashion Merchandising Department. He has over 30 years of experience in the apparel and textile industry focusing on retail, wholesale and textiles.

Jacqueline M. Jenkins is the Senior Director of Corporate and University Partnerships for LIM College, USA, where she leads the development of graduate-level programs including the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) programs in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management, Fashion Marketing, Visual Merchandising, and Global Fashion Supply Chain Management.

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