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Jeannie Ireland

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FEB 22, 2018
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The Book

History of Interior Design is a comprehensive survey covering the design history of architecture, interiors, and furniture in civilizations all over the world, from ancient times to the present. Each chapter begins with background information about the social and cultural context and technical innovations of the period and place, and illustrates their impact on interior design motifs. Throughout the text, cross-cultural influences of styles and design solutions are highlighted, demonstrating how interior design has evolved as a continuing exchange of ideas. This second edition adds expanded coverage of global environments and 20th and 21st century topics.

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Table of Contents

In the Beginning
Ancient Mesopotamian, Persian, and Egyptian Design
African Design
Minoan, Mycenaean, and Greek Design
Etruscan and Roman Design
Chinese Design
After the Fall of Rome
Early Christian and Byzantine Design
Romanesque Design in Western Europe
Gothic Design
Renaissance Design in Italy
Renaissance Design in the Iberian Peninsula and Central Europe
Renaissance Design in the Low Countries and England
New Horizons
Latin American Design
Continental European Design in Colonial America
English Design in Colonial America
Power and Prestige
Baroque and Rococo Design
Neoclassical, Empire, and Greek Revival Design
The Modern World
Design of the Industrial Revolution
Twentieth-Century Eclectic Design
Japanese Design
Twentieth-Century Design to Mid-Century
Twentieth-Century Design from Mid-Century

About The Authors

Jeannie Ireland is a Professor Emerita from Missouri State University, MO, United States.

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