4th Edition

Sheryl A. Farnan and Elaine Stone

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JAN 14, 2021
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The Book

Learn about how the fashion industry works to find where in this massive industry you belong.

You'll learn about how and why fashion evolves and changes, the materials used and who creates them, the companies who make apparel, and how fashion marketing helps companies sell their products. Spotlight features focus on careers, innovators, and businesses, using industry examples to show real world situations. A Top 100 Apparel Designers section gives you a quick list of who's who in fashion history, while a glossary and key terms throughout make sure you know what you're talking about.

Key Features Include:
-Fully updated throughout to introduce sustainability practices ingrained in the industry
-More than 250 color images of designers, fashion collections, retailers, and more
-Covers textile trends and innovations as well as omni-channel retail practices

In Fashion STUDIO
- Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips
- Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions
- Watch videos that bring chapter topics and career opportunities to life
- Enhance your knowledge with chapter exercises

Teaching Resources
- Instructor's Guide including tips for integrating the STUDIO into a course, sample syllabi, teaching methodology, and grading resources
- A Test Bank offering exams for each chapter
- PowerPoint presentations provide a framework for lectures and include color images from the book
- First Day of Class: Learning with STUDIO PowerPoint presentation

Table of Contents

PART ONE: The Changing World of Fashion
CHAPTER 1: The Nature of Fashion
CHAPTER 2: The Environment of Fashion
CHAPTER 3: The Movement of Fashion
CHAPTER 4: The Business of Fashion
PART TWO: The Primary Level–The Materials of Fashion
CHAPTER 5: Textiles: Fibers and Fabrics
CHAPTER 6: Leather and Fur
PART THREE: The Secondary Level–The Producers of Fashion
CHAPTER 7: Product Development
CHAPTER 8: Fashion Apparel: Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, and Teen’s
CHAPTER 9: Accessories
PART FOUR: The Retail Level–The Markets for Fashion
CHAPTER 10: Global Sourcing and Merchandising
CHAPTER 11: Fashion Retailing
CHAPTER 12: So You Want to be in Fashion? Fashion Auxiliary Services
Top 100 Apparel Designers

About The Authors

Sheryl A. Farnan is Professor at Metropolitan Community College, USA, where she teaches merchandising, business and marketing courses.

Elaine Stone was Professor Emerita, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

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