4th Edition

John Donnellan

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OCT 28, 2013
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The Book

The fourth edition of Merchandise Buying and Management has been updated to cover the most current information on merchandising and retailing. Written for college-level courses dealing with retail buying and the management for retail inventories, the text covers topics relevant to future buyers and store management personnel. The material is presented within the context of a contemporary retail environment—with examples from both fashion and non-fashion retailers—in which buyers often act as fiscal managers as well as product developers, and store managers play important roles in sales productivity and assortment planning. Retail technology is a theme that runs throughout the book, tied to topics such as space management, electronic data exchange, point-of-sale systems, and floor ready merchandise.

Table of Contents

Part One The Structure Of The Retail Industry
1 Retail Merchandising
2 Retailing Formats
3 Retail Locations
4 Retail Growth and Expansion
5 Communicating with Consumers

Part Two The Development and Distribution of Consumer Products
6 Fashion Merchandising
7 Brands and Private Labels
8 Merchandise Resources

Part Three The Financial Aspects of Merchandising
9 Measures of Productivity
10 Merchandising Accounting
11 Inventory Valuation

Part Four Pricing, Planning, And Purchasing Retail Inventories
12 Retail Pricing
13 Planning Sales and Inventory
14 Purchase Terms

Part Five Merchandise Control and Presentation
15 Merchandising Controls and Report Analysis
16 Store Layout and Merchandise Presentation

About The Authors

John Donnellan was Dean of Business and Computer Information Systems at Holyoke Community College, USA. For 20 years, he held management, merchandising, and sales promotions positions in various department and specialty stores. Donnellan frequently addresses trade and professional associations on current retailing topics.

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