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Jim Dawkins and Jill Pable

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FEB 08, 2018
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The Book

"Books such as this are imperative for our students to learn skills taught as part of a class. Although this book is geared towards interior design, the content and skills development will be as important to students in garden design and soft furnishings alike." Vicky McClymont, National Design Academy, Nottingham, UK

Use detailed, step-by-step techniques to create quick perspective sketches.

The book will help you develop important skills for ideation and client communication. Exercises cover a wide range of elements including doors, windows, stairs, millwork, furnishings, and ceilings, as well as more advanced topics like shade and shadowing, scene composition, contrast, and materials and textures.

-Interactive digital content, including demonstration videos and self-assessment exercises
-Presented in three parts: beginning, intermediate, and advanced sketching techniques
-Sketching Gallery shows the work of practitioners allowing you to enhance your style

Sketching Interiors at the Speed of Thought STUDIO
-Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips
-Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions and image identification
-Watch videos with step-by-step demonstrations of the sketch development process
-Practice your skills with self-assessment exercises

This bundle includes Sketching Interiors at the Speed of Thought, 2nd Edition and Sketching Interiors at the Speed of Thought, 2nd Edition STUDIO Access Card.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Extended Contents
About the Authors
Introductory Skills Check
Part A: Beginning Scenarios
Chapter 1: Level Changes
Chapter 2: Slopes in Quick Sketches
Chapter 3: Aligning and Relating Elements
Chapter 4: Doors and Windows
Chapter 5: Interesting Ceilings
Part A Sketching Extras
Part B: Intermediate Scenarios
Chapter 6: Enhancing Sketches with Line Details
Chapter 7: Interesting Walls
Chapter 8: Kitchens
Chapter 9: Alignment Cues
Chapter 10: Points of View
Part B: Sketching Extras
Part C: Advanced Scenarios
Chapter 11: Adding Tone, Shade, and Shadows to Sketches
Chapter 12: Composition
Chapter 13: Adding Contrast for Emphasis and Polish
Chapter 14: Materials and Textures
Chapter 15: Putting it Together
Part C: Sketching Extras
Sketching Gallery
Sketching Challenges

Online content: Fully integrated online resources include demonstration videos of the sketch development process, step-by-step instruction, and self-assessment exercises for Chapters 8 – 13, as well as interviews with interior design practitioners.

About The Authors

Jim Dawkins is an associate professor of Interior Design at The Florida State University where he serves as an instructor in both undergraduate and graduate design studios and courses in graphic techniques.

Jill Pable, Ph.D., FIDEC, ASID is a professor in the Department of Interior Design at Florida State University.

Paperback + Studio
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Watch videos that bring chapter topics and concepts to life

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Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions

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Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips

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