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JAN 29, 2015
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What's in the book

The Book

Surface Design for Fabric is a comprehensive, how-to guide to more than 60 surface design techniques for various fabrics and leather—ranging from the traditional to the experimental.Highly illustrated with more than 600 color images, the step-by-step instructions and photographs demonstrate surface design techniques, allowing readers to quickly grasp the material and further explore and experiment on their own. Irwin covers a broad range of surface design techniques including: dyeing, staining, removing color, resists, printing and transfer, fiber manipulations, fabric manipulations, embroidery, and embellishments. This modern studio resource clearly guides readers in the creation of beautiful, innovative, and professional surface designs.

Key Features
~Surface Design for Fabric STUDIO provides online access to video tutorials featuring select techniques from each chapter; student self quizzes with results and personalized study tips; and flashcards with definitions and image identification to help students master concepts and improve grades
~Chapters feature a fabric selection quick guide, tools and materials, how to set up your workspace, application methods, and safety guidelines for each technique.
~Designer Profiles and Collection Spotlights show current examples of surface design end uses in fashion design, textile art, fine art, and
interior design
~Environmental Impact boxes address critical environmental and sustainability issues and concerns for each chapter
~Includes helpful hints, important facts, shortcuts and mistakes to avoid throughout chapters

Instructor's Resources
~ Instructor’s Guide and Test Bank

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Dyeing and Staining Fabric
Chapter 2: Discharging Color and Using Resists
Chapter 2: Transfer and Printing
Chapter 3: Fiber Manipulation
Chapter 4: Fabric Manipulation
Chapter 5: Embroidery
Chapter 6: Embellishment
Chapter 7: Combining Techniques
Appendix A: Tips, Workspace, and Preparation
Appendix B: Visual Library of Materials

About The Authors

Kimberly A. Irwin teaches fashion construction, apparel development and experimental design techniques at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), USA.

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