Bobi Garland and Christina Ingalls

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AUG 12, 2021

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What's in the book

The Book

The Survey of Historic Costume Coloring Book highlights Western dress from the ancient world to today through fashion silhouettes. By coloring line drawings that parallel chapters from the Survey of Historic Costume, 7th Edition textbook, students will learn to identify and retain specific details that make each historical period’s fashion unique. Each chapter also includes activities and prompts to promote further thinking and creativity, including tasks like drawing and making modern-day connections. Through these dynamic, hands-on exercises, students will develop an understanding of historic costume, increase awareness of world culture, and have fun through this interactive learning medium.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The Ancient Middle East c. 3500–600 BCE
3. Greece and Rome c. 650 BCE–400 CE
4. The Byzantine Period and the Early Middle Ages c. 330–1500
5. The Late Middle Ages c. 1300–1500
6. The Italian Renaissance c. 1400–1600
7. The Northern Renaissance c. 1500–1600
8. The Seventeenth Century 1600–1700
9. The Eighteenth Century 1700–1790
10. The Directoire Period and the Empire Period 1790–1820
11. The Romantic Period 1820–1850
12. The Crinoline Period 1850–1870
13. The Bustle Period and the Nineties 1870–1900
14. The Edwardian Period and World War I 1900–1920
15. The 1920s
16. The 1930s
17. The 1940s
18. The 1950s
19. The 1960s
20. The 1970s
21. The 1980s
22. The 1990s
23. The 2000s
24. The 2010s

About The Authors

Bobi Garland is a costume historian and museum collections manager with a unique point of view relating present day fashion and culture to our collective past.

Christina Ingalls works in Soft Goods Construction for Sony/Playstation, where she is in charge of motion capture suit repair, construction, alterations and material prop building. She has collaborated to design and create more efficient ways to rig computers, battery packs, and other equipment for better suit functionality, movement, and comfort.

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