6th Edition

Phyllis G. Tortora and Sara B. Marcketti

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MAR 12, 2015
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The Book

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary as the best-selling textbook for the study of fashion history, Survey of Historic Costume, 6th Edition is an introduction to dress from the ancient world through the 21st century. Each chapter presents social, cross-cultural, environmental, geographic, and artistic influences on clothing. As a part of our new platform, Bloomsbury Fashion Central, this edition will come bundled with a free STUDIO of digital ancillaries for learning.

New to this edition
~ More than 1,000 full-color images, including 20% new photographs and illustrations throughout
~ New Global Connections boxes highlight dress and textiles from around the world, including China, India, Japan, Latin America, Africa, and more
~ New Chapter 20 covering twenty-first century dress from 2000 to the present
~ Expanded and redesigned chapter timelines present an overview and images of historic events in each chapter, focusing on fashion and textiles, politics and conflicts, decorative and fine arts, economics and trade, technology, and religions
~Free with purchase: Survey of Historic Costume STUDIO provides a digital study tool including flashcards, self-quizzes, video and images, and maps and a timeline to help students master concepts and improve grades.
~ New co-author Sara B. Marcketti is an associate professor and serves as an associate director in the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Iowa State University, USA

~ Illustrated Tables depict important accessories, footwear and headwear for each era
~ Contemporary Comments from contemporary sources provide a sense of the attitude toward clothing of individuals of the period
~ Modern Influences photo feature explains how historic costume is reinterpreted in modern fashion design
~ Visual Summary Tables show clear line drawings of period garments
~ Survey of Historic Costume Student Study Guide available separately
~ Teaching Resources: Instructor’s Guide, Test Bank, Image Bank and PowerPoint presentations available

Introducing Survey of Historic Costume STUDIO--an online tool for more effective study!

~ Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips
~ Review concepts with flashcards of terms / definitions and image identification
~ Watch chapter videos that bring historic costume topics and concepts to life
~ Learn context with a comprehensive timeline spanning the Ancient World to present day including key moments in fashion and textiles, politics and conflicts, decorative and fine arts, economics and trade, technology, and religion, plus the evolution of silhouettes over time
~ Enhance geographic knowledge with world maps showing the Ancient World and the Modern World
~ Access Survey of Historic Costume Student Study Guide eBook including chapter objectives, key terms, historic overviews, chapter summaries, chapter quizzes, image analysis exercises, garment analysis worksheets, glossary of key terms, and a fashion garment guide
~ Browse the Fashion Designer Index for an alphabetized list of key designers with brief bios
~ Branch out with links to fashion museums, costume collections and online resources

Teaching Resources
~ Instructor's Guide including sample syllabi and units based on the timeline in the book, chapter objectives, lecture notes, discussion questions, additional research projects, assignments, and an answer key for the Student Study Guide
~ Test Bank with multiple choice, true/false and essay questions for each chapter with answer key
~ Image Bank with all the illustrations and photos from the text
~ PowerPoint presentations for each chapter

Companion Survey of Historic Costume Student Study Guide (9781628922349, sold separately ) includes historic snapshots, review questions, summary tables, visual quizzes and glossary of key terms.

Table of Contents

Preface and How to Use Book
Ch 1 Introduction
Part 1 The Ancient World: c. 3000 BC – AD 300
Ch 2 The Ancient Middle East: c. 3500-600 BC
Ch 3 Crete and Greece: c.2900-300 BC
Ch 4 Etruria and Rome: c. 800 BC – AD 400
Part 2 The Middle Ages: c. 300 – 1500
Ch 5 The Early Middle Ages: c. 300 – 1300
Ch 6 The Late Middle Ages: c.1300-1500
Part 3 The Renaissance: c 1400-1600
Ch 7 The Italian Renaissance: c. 1400-1600
Ch 8 The Northern Renaissance: c. 1500-1600
Part 4 Baroque and Rococo: c. 1600-1800
Ch 9 The Seventeenth Century: 1600-1700
Ch 10 The Eighteenth Century: 1700-1900
Part 5 The Nineteenth Century: 1800-1900
Ch 11 The Directoire Period and the Empire Period: 1790-1820
Ch 12 The Romantic Period: 1820-1850
Ch 13 The Crinoline Period: 1850-1869
Ch 14 The Bustle Period and the Nineties: 1870-1900
Part 6 From the Twentieth to the Twenty-first Century: 1900-2014
Ch 15 The Edwardian Period and World War I: 1900-1920
Ch 16 The Twenties, Thirties, and World War II: 1920-1947
Ch 17 The New Look: Fashion Conformity Prevails: 1947-1960
Ch 18 The Sixties and Seventies: Style Tribes Emerge: 1960-1980
Ch 19 The Eighties and the Nineties and the Twenty-first Century: 1980-1999
Ch 20 Twenty-first Century: 2000-2014

About The Authors

Phyllis G. Tortora is Professor Emerita at Queens College, The City University of New York, US.

Sara B. Marcketti is an associate professor at Iowa State University, US, where she serves as an associate director in the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching and formerly served as curator at the Textiles and Clothing Museum.

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