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Deborah E. Young

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JAN 23, 2015

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Please note that exam/inspection copies and instructor resources are only available to instructors and faculty staff at recognized institutions.

What's in the book

The Book

Featuring the most current and high-quality fashion fabrics, Swatch Reference Guide for Fashion Fabrics, Third Edition, is an all-in-one text and swatch book focused on the needs of fashion students. The swatch book presents fabric samples with all pertinent information regarding fabric identification on the same page, including fabric name, fiber content, yarn construction, count, coloration, weight, uses, characteristics and similarities/differences between fabrics.

The kit includes 208 unique fabric samples not found in any other swatch kit, a 100+ page textbook with activities, Quick Reference Guide tables, pre-printed mounting boards for all swatches and a pick glass--all held in a sturdy 3-ring binder. Through the text and assembly of the swatch kit, readers will learn the inherent performance properties and construction of fibers, yarns and fabrics, and most importantly, their end use in fashion. This invaluable reference brings together a wide variety of information into one volume, enabling users to spend less time trying to connect the dots and more time applying the concepts.

New to this Edition
~Includes fiber and yarn samples and 208 swatches that reflect trends in the fashion industry including neoprene, sherpa fleece, minerale fibers, X-static®, soy, cocona, polyspan, silk jersey, and softshell
~Expanded fiber chapters with relevant tips for performance expectations and care
~Icons now identify swatch samples with sustainable characteristics
~Video tutorial on "How to Use the Swatch Reference Guide for Fashion Fabrics’" available online

NOTE: The kit includes at 6x plastic pick glass linen tester.

Instructor's Resources

~ New Instructor's Set of Swatch Boards PDF provides reference fabric sample pages with color images of fabrics inserted on swatch pages--making it easier to check or grade correctly constructed swatch kits.
~ PowerPoint slides include front, back, and 10x magnified views of all swatches from the text labeled by fabric and fiber type.
~ Instructor’s Guide provides sample course outlines, additional assignments, tips for overcoming common obstacles, and study contains course outlines, answer keys to quizzes and exams, and additional assignments.
~ Test Bank contains chapter quizzes with multiple exams covering both the chapter text and the swatch board information.

Table of Contents

How to Use the Swatch Reference Guide
1 – The Textile Cycle: From Fiber to Fashion
2 – Fiber Classification: Natural Fibers
3 – Fiber Classification: Manufactured Fibers
4 – Fiber Classification: Synthetic Fibers
5 – Yarn Classification
6 – Plain Weaves
7 – Plain-Weave Variations: Basket and Rib Weaves
8 – Twill Weaves
9 – Satin Weaves
10 – Complex Weaves
11 – Pile Weaves
12 – Knit Fabrics
13 – Specialty Weft Knits
14 – Warp Knits
15 – Minor Fabrications
16 – Dyed and Printed Fabrics
17 – Fabrics Defined by Finishes
Quick Reference Guide Tables
Swatch Boards

About The Authors

Deborah E. Young is a Textile Science Instructor at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Los Angeles, US. She has written textile curriculum in the areas of fashion, product development, merchandise marketing, interior design and apparel manufacturing.

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