Department Stores and the “Retail Apocalypse”

How Might American Retailer Macy’s Survive?

Priscilla Martinez , Lorynn Divita

Business Case
Source: Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases
DOI: 10.5040/9781350989955.0005
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The “retail apocalypse” is a term that was coined to describe the significant number of bricks-and-mortar retail stores closing; the phenomenon has plagued many retailers in recent years. Bricks-and-mortar retail is going through transformative changes and, as a result, not all retailers are able to stay alive in the face of new and emerging competitors. E-commerce has shaken the retail world, but while it is a contributing factor to the retail apocalypse it is not the only cause. Those retailers that do survive will be flexible and ready to respond to market conditions and proactively implement changes when necessary in order to remain viable. Successful retailers will need to focus on the customer experience, better trained associates, and creating a seamless experience across channels. In this case study, students are introduced to the concept of the retail apocalypse and will analyze the ways in which one department store retailer, Macy’s, might succeed in today’s retail environment.

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