Depop the Social Shopping Platform

Developing the Business Model for International and Physical Expansion

Helen Beney

Business Case
Source: Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases
DOI: 10.5040/9781350989955.0001
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This case explores Depop, a social shopping platform founded in 2012 that operates in the UK, Italy, and the USA. The business developed as a digital vintage and streetwear fashion resale marketplace and has gained high awareness amongst individuals between 14 and 24 years of age in the UK. Designed for the Instagram generation, the platform allows users to buy, sell and amass followers, and develop retail personalities.

In January 2018 Depop announced that it had secured US$20 million in series B funding. These funds were raised in order to support Depop’s growth in the US market. Depop hoped to do this through both developing the functionality and user experience of the digital platform and establishing physical spaces that would facilitate creative conversations and retail experiences for users in key American cities. This case study can be used to explore business strategy, international expansion, and experiential retail spaces. By considering the founder’s vision and the business’ current operating model, customer base, and market contexts, this case provides students with a basis upon which to explore the potential value proposition for bricks-and-mortar expansion, and to evaluate the digital and physical business model and opportunities for growth in the United States and internationally.

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