Laceluxe: Luxury Lingerie Pursuit

Anupama Pasricha, Bailey Ortley

Business Case
Source: Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases
DOI: 10.5040/9781350197046.008
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This business case on Laceluxe, a direct-to-consumer luxury lingerie company, deals with two broad concerns: local manufacturing of specialty products, and sales and marketing for a profitable business. The materials are imported from Italy, France, and Spain. Laceluxe values transparency and sustainability and has implemented sustainability strategies. Laceluxe established a viable local contact with experience in ready-to-wear athletic apparel that could provide full package product (FPP). However, after four months, Laceluxe realized that the local company was lacking specialized product knowledge. Keeping local production goals in perspective, Laceluxe identified a small studio firm in New York. Laceluxe now has products in stock, but the price point is higher as compared to mass competitors but is in line with mid-price-point specialty small retailers. Sales are slow, and marketing dollars are dwindling. Are sustainability and local production important for luxury lingerie consumers? What should Laceluxe do from a marketing perspective to get more traction?

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