Renewing a Global Brand: FILA

GiHyung Kim , YoungJee Suh

Business Case
Source: Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases
DOI: 10.5040/9781474208772.018
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FILA is an lifestyle sports brand founded in 1911 in Italy. FILA Korea, which started as a Korean branch of FILA Italy, acquired the global FILA brand in 2007 and became a global sports company. FILA Korea’s localization strategy, which guarantees the autonomy of its affiliates, led to excellent results, but in order to strengthen the brand identity and overcome the financial crisis and trend changes, a strong global brand image and a global hit product were desperately needed. Production of samples through sourcing centers established in China and Hong Kong changed the manufacturing dynamics of FILA USA’s supply chain management, and this became the cornerstone of innovation for the brand. In 2016, FILA Korea changed the direction of its retail strategy and started a process of brand renewal. In addition, it launched the “Heritage” line, which reinterprets FILA’s original products with a modern sense, and this has gained worldwide popularity. At present, FILA Korea is striving to become a global sports fashion brand selling globalized products.

Through this case study, students will learn about the strategic planning and brand management of a global sports brand. Students will propose a merchandising plan to preserve the legacy and legitimacy of a fashion brand. Students will also suggest the direction of global innovation strategies for FILA.

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