Quality over Quantity for the Plus-Sized Market

Addie Martindale

Business Case
Source: Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases
DOI: 10.5040/9781474208772.016
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Rsport is a women’s athletic brand with a strategic objective of raising the quality of clothing available to plus-sized female athletes, but the company has encountered a challenge of how to educate potential consumers about their products. Rsport’s garments use the latest activewear technology and include garment features inspired by the feedback of plus-sized athletes from around the world. Rsport’s promotional strategy has consisted of traveling to athletic events and expos across the United States to meet potential customers and bring awareness to their brand. The company has identified that many women at these events have not previously been exposed to athletic apparel of this caliber. Despite consumer excitement over the clothing’s unique features, many of the women did not understand the reasons for Rsport’s higher price points. The challenge to be addressed is how to educate the plus-sized consumer market, which has been previously denied high-quality athletic wear, about the quality and performance benefits of wearing Rsport garments. The main learning objective is to develop a promotional plan that effectively communicates what distinguishes Rsport products by athletic apparel offered from traditional plus-sized retailers, such as Lane Bryant or Torrid. This will require strategic thinking as to how to encourage consumers to invest in quality over quantity and understand how the technology incorporated in these garments will enhance their athletic performance.

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