Supply Chain Compliance in the Fashion Industry

Michael P. Londrigan

Business Case
Source: Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases
DOI: 10.5040/9781350996007.0011
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Despite advancements in worker health and safety in recent years, the fashion industry supply chain continues to push for a faster turnaround at lower prices from factories around the globe. This requirement for speed to market can mean that the working conditions of the people who make our clothing are overlooked. Given these pressures, this case study will focus on ethical business practices as they relate to sourcing and supply chain decisions.

This case study challenges students to think about the role of the fashion industry supply chain as it relates to human capital; discusses corporate social responsibility (CSR); and asks students how they, as future fashion industry practitioners, would make the critical decisions of where their products are created given the potential for encountering manufacturing facilities that may employ unethical business practices. Students are also asked what information and research should be used to address the question of who is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the workers who make products for the fashion industry.

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